How do I chose which countertop?
Color  When choosing a slab at the stone yard, every stone will look beautiful. Bring your finish samples to direct with your color choice. The warehouse will be especially cold during the winter, because the slabs give it off. If the stone is kept outside, you must reschedule if it rains. The stone will look darker when wet. Call ahead, some don't allow children under 18. And honestly, as an investment, you should have your attention directed towards this decision. 

Movement of the slab  Some slabs have movement, or direction, to them, vs a standard pattern. This is pure preference. If you have a U-shaped cabinet layout and decide on a slab with movement, you must decide on the grain direction. For this type of top, it is imperative that you view the templates on the slab and are comfortable with the overall look. 

Price  There are several factors for why stones vary in price - rarity, size of the mine, difficulty to quarry the stone, where it is quarried, transportation costs, color. A quote based on your layout is the only way to get an accurate countertop quote.

Will my counter have seams?
Granite slabs can vary in size - blue colored stones are rare, and are smaller in size. Green slabs are more common, are less expensive and come in bigger sizes. Slabs are approximately 60" tall x 110" long. If there must be a seam, determine seam location before finalizing the cabinet layout. If you do not want a seam on your island, and most people don't, then choose a large enough slab, or cut back on the island size.

How long until the installation after the template?
It will depend on several factors - Have your slabs been delivered to the fabricator from the warehouse? When can you view the templates on your actual stone slab? You should view your slabs with your templates to ensure how the finished product will look. Typically fabrication takes 7 - 10 business days, but allow for extra time if there is an upcoming holiday.

What type of finishes are available?

There are 3 types: Polished, honed, antiqued.

Polished granite is the typical finish that you see.

Honed granite describes when a buffer is run along the entire top to remove the shine 
of the polish. This look is perfect for a reproduction kitchen in an antique home. There
are slabs that are readily available with this finish, honed at the quarry with overhead
machines. Some fabricators can hone the stone that you select with buffers by hand. 
 This process will typically add between $5-$10 per square foot. Expect imperfections from the hand machined surface. The honing will turn the slab a grey, so the color will not look the same as polished. Do get a sample of your granite choice honed, to make sure you will still appreciate the color. You will not be able to have the entire slab honed prior to committing. Applying a stone enhancer will help to bring the color out, if the sample is too grey.

Antiqued finish, or leather finish, refers to an uneven honed surface. This surface is only applied at the quarry, so the selection is minimal. However, you will be able to review your exact material prior to purchasing.

What are the edge profiles?
There are many edges, We can place any of the following edges on any part of your stone work:

What type of sink should I get?
Most people go for undermount! With it you no longer having the maintenance of the edge of an overmount sink and the gunk that collects there. Options include a single, double or triple bowl; materials can be stainless, quartz, cast iron or granite.

For more sink information click:
Sinks And Accessories

How does the dishwasher get mounted?
With a laminate top, the dishwasher's metal tabs, at the top of the unit, were screwed into the underside of the countertop edge. With granite and the newer dishwashers, there are drill holes on the sides of the appliance, behind the rubber gaskets. The screws get attached to the adjacent cabinetry. If you are reusing your older dishwasher and those drill holes do not exist, have the appliance installer run a bead of silicon to the top of the dishwasher and have the unit raised to the underside of the granite. The dishwasher installation booklet will show which wheel to adjust for the height. Installing the dishwasher is not the job of the granite installers. If the dishwasher is "falling out of the hole" then it has not been mounted properly. Proper installation is the responsibility of the appliance installer, commonly the general contractor.
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