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Cutting of a new sink, long backsplash or peace we can go to the job site or you can bring it to our shop.
We can laminate any natural stone and put any of the following edges on it.
we can re fabricate your countertop in Most cases, we can grind down to make a new edge or fix a damaged one
we can polish any sim, crack or damaged natural stone  sometimes if water gets in the natural stone it will leave a mark because of the calcium in the water. 
We can polish it to take 
of any mark left by the 
water and seal it so water
wont get in it so easily
The most important aspect of granite counter for kitchen is its installation.

GKC has professional installers to get the work done in a proper and efficient manner. All of our installation experts have the required tools and equipment and run through all the installation processes getting you a top notch work. If the countertop is installed right- you are out of any further hassles which may evolve later. We'll make sure the installation comes out right. 

No job is too big and no job is too small...we do it all!​
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