The most important aspect of granite counter for kitchen is its installation.

GKC has professional installers to get the work done in a proper and efficient manner. All of our installation experts have the required tools and equipment and run through all the installation processes getting you a top notch work. If the countertop is installed right- you are out of any further hassles which may evolve later. We'll make sure the installation comes out right. 

During installation two important tasks are carried out with utter diligence. The first is adjusting the granite slab thickness variation. Second is leveling of the slab ensuring uniform protection, thereby reducing stress on the slab. In case the installation is not carried out properly, there is a possibility of the slab cracking over a period of time.

The installer takes care of sealant required to ensure a smooth finish to the surface. So, whether it is a brand new project or a replacement of your old countertop, it is recommended to get the job done by a granite installation professional.
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